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WordPress Intranet & Community Theme

We understand how hard it is to set-up your own Intranet website, especially on WordPress. That’s why we build Thrive. Thrive doesn’t only helps you build and explore collaborative website on WordPress, it also helps you understand all features you need to launch an amazing Social Networking, Forums, Online Shop, Project Management, or even E-Learning.

Thrive is an innovative WordPress Theme designed to cater company portals, organisation websites, company intranet and extranets. It also helps you build a WordPress based intranet for your company so that your staffs and members can easily share information, files, events, docs, tickets, messages, and forms.

Find out why Thrive is the #1 WordPress Theme for Social Networking, Intranet, and Extranets.

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Thrive - Intranet & Community WordPress Theme
Thrive | Intranet & Community WordPress Theme | RTL Support

Always Improving.

Features Breakdown

  • BuddyPress Integration for a Staff Directory (BP Members Roles)
  • Searchable Employee Directory (BuddyPress Members)
  • Forms – HR (WP Form Builder)
  • Social Activity Feeds (BuddyPress Activity Stream)
  • Company events calendars (The Events Calendar)
  • Polls for surveying employees (WP-Poll)
  • Knowledge Base or Wiki with front-end editing (BuddyPress Docs)
  • File Sharing (BuddyDrive)
  • Project Management (Task)
  • Private Website (Members access)

Additional/Supported Features

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer)
  • Theme Customiser
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready
  • Mobile Logo Option
  • Groups
  • Members
  • Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Friendship
  • Mentions
  • Blogs
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Page/Post Sidebars
  • Layout Variations
  • Easy Dropdown for Notifications
  • Activities
  • Cover Photos for Groups & Members
  • Visual Composer
  • Slider Revolution
  • LearnDash Integration
  • RTMedia Ready



Kindly explain the problem(s) you are having with a detailed explanation so that it will be easier for both of us to troubleshoot any issues and/or bugs. Providing useful information such as WordPress version, Theme Version, and other 3rd party plug-ins installed/activated are recommended. By making your ticket public, you can help other people who have the same issues. Read More >>

More features coming shortly. Stay tuned!

We are always working hard to improve this unique WordPress theme. Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any suggestions and recommendations on how to further improve this theme. Thanks!


Demo images are not included in the download. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.


Version 1.8.1
- Whitelist Activate Page,
- Whitelist Register Page,
- Fixed Hidden Group Issue
- Fixed Mobile Logo Issue
- Fixed Sticky Forum Issue
- Added conditional statement to groups
- Fixed OT wrong links
- Fixed Events Title line-height
- Fixed Featured Members Widget when placed on Footer
- Fixed Messages Update Margin Issue
- [New Feature] Google + & Facebook Connect
- [New Feature] New login page design
- Separated theme sass files for convenience 
- Enhanced WooCommerce UI 
- Enhanced bbPress UI 
- Enhanced Events Calendar UI 
- Enhanced Events List UI 
- Fixed BPDocs Privacy Options Toggle 
- Changed BPDocs icons 
- Fixed Alignment Issues 
- Removed WP_Editor Shadows on BP Profile Edit 
- Made the notification messages styling uniform 
- Fixed BuddyDrive alignment issues - Fixed RTMedia Uploader JS - Fixed Activity Stream Hierarchy on mobile devices 
- Fixed WooCommerce Checkout Layout Issues 
- Fixed WooCommerce Cart Layout Issues 
- Added support for input[type=tel]
- Fixed BuddyDrive Styling Issues
- Fixed all appearance bugs on BuddyDrive.
- Added Material Icons on file managements
- Replaced BuddyDrive image maps to material icons
- Enhanced BuddyDrive Styling and Changed the BP Count Navigation icon
- Enhance Styling on Buddypress Docs
- Replaced BuddyPress Docs image map to material icons
- Fixed BuddyPress Docs Media Queries.
- Mobile Improvements
- Segregated BuddyDrive css from plugins sass
- Added LearnDash Support
- Bug Fixes
- Fixed Members Carousel Bug when added to dashboard or any pages; Prevents the toggle
- Fixed jQuery Masonry bug on toggle
- Carousel Arrows: Replaced with google font arrows
- Fixed secondary background colors
- Fixed RTMedia Privacy
- Enhanced: Side menu sub menu
- Fixed: Side Menu Overflow Issue
- NEW: logout widget (sidenav)
- NEW: logout text (sidenav)
- NEW: Added cover photo on user sidenav
- Updated PO and MO Files
- Fixed: Content Sidebar Layout Issue
- Fixed: Search layout
- Fixed: Search not found
- Fixed: Card Responsive issue
- Added compatibility to gears carousels
- Support Dark Menu on Sidebav New Version
- Added Optional Widget on Log out
- Enhance BuddyPress Layouts
-- [NEW] Added RTMedia Support
-- [NEW[ Added Support for Revolution Slider
-- Fixed search focus state
-- Fixed full width menu on tablet
-- Branding Height Issue in Firefox (Fixed)
-- Added Live Preview for Branding
-- Fixed Padding Issues
-- Customiser: Covert some colors into postMessage (Live Preview)
-- RTMedia: Please add imagesLoaded on activity
-- Bug Fixes
-- Performance Optimisation
-- Fixed 1 Column Mobile Menu
-- Fixed Too much padding on both sides
-- Change Arrow Icon to vertical '3 dots' (Enhancement)
-- Fixed Burger menu padding right
-- Adjust search padding-top and padding-bottom. Making it smaller
-- Improved search form design (Enhancement)
-- Fixed: "Members Avatar too small in members section" 
-- Fixed: "Members Title is too small" 
-- Fixed: "Groups Avatar too small on mobile" 
-- Fixed: "Post Form Cancel button contrast issue" 
-- Fixed: "Groups page members avatar too small" 
-- Better Preloaders (Enhancement)
-- Fixed: "Padding Issues on Mobile" 
-- Better Mobile Layout (Enhancement)
-- Revised Project Layout on Mobile
-- Fixed: Featured Image
-- Enhanced Cover Photo Performance
-- [NEW]Added new icons on BuddyPress Components
-- [NEW]Added Sidebar Toggle
-- [NEW]Added "Dark Navigation" option
-- [NEW]Birthday Widget (Requested Featured)
-- [NEW]Featured Member Widget
-- [NEW]CHAT Feature
-- Enhance RTL
-- Performance Optimisation
-- New Online Docs
-- Fixed Notification Bubble
-- Fixed BuddyPress Profile Navigation
-- Updated PO File
-- Fixed Tablet Menu Issue
-- Improved RTL
-- Fixed Footer Issue
-- Fixed RTL Displays Issues
-- Fixed Preloaders Issue
-- Fixed Menu & Branding Customizer Issue
-- Fixed BP-Docs Heading
-- Added New Sub Forum Compatibility
-- Fixed Groups Preloaders Issue
- Added RTL Mode. 
- Added New Layout in Customizer. 
- Fix few bugs and CSS issues. 



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