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SocialChef is a beautiful, clean and responsive WordPress theme that comes with advanced search and front-end submissions as well as community features such as member profiles and activity feeds. Want to feature chefs and recipes? You got it! This theme will definitely help you build a robust and lively food social community quickly.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • compatible
  • Translation & WPML Ready
  • BuddyPress & bbPress Fully Integrated
  • WooCommerce support
  • Front-End Recipe Submissions
  • Advanced Search
  • Extensive Theme Options
  • RTL support
  • Premium Font Icons
  • 12 Predefined Color Schemes
  • and much more

What our customers say

5 star rating
Great theme with great support!


5 star rating
Really great theme.. I will do so much with it!


5 star rating
Great theme! The Guys are very quick with very useful Support and get back to you quickly. Look forward to seeing more from themeenergy.


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13 November 2015

- Removed socialchef.sample.xml
- Updated other sample files
- Fixed featured member widget bug when member hasn't posted any activity.
- Fixed translation of admin fields when po file is used.
- Fixed reset password page.
- Fixed duplicate title and desctiption in site title.
- Fixed various bbpress and buddypress css issues
- Replaced font icon 


22 August 2015

- Upgraded widgets to WP4.3 and PHP5.0 standard
- Fixed pinterest image_uri problem in widget share
- Several css issues fixed


26 June 2015

-Security update for the prettyPhoto plugin

19 June 2015

- Introduced better rounding for fraction display introduced (where in 0.33 before was shown as 33/100 it is now shown as 1/3 which is more appropriate)
- Added tag archive template for listing archive of posts by tag.
- Allow commas to be used in ingredient/nutritional amount fields for decimal separator instead of dot.
- Always show call to action instead of just to logged out users.
- Fixed saving of featured user (when user is unmarked as featured).
- WooCommerce right sidebar issue resolved.
- Fixed comment date issue where all comments were showing the date of the post instead of date of comment.
- Fixed several css issues.
- Improved responsive css.
- Replaced SocialChef in Numbers icons with FontAwesome icons.
- Fixed avatar cropping issues to be in line with BuddyPress 2.3 improvements.
- Introduced 800x600 and 400x300 image sizes and better image cropping
(Note: users should use "Force regenerate thumbnails" plugin to regenarate thumbnails after this fix).

v1.2: 24 April 2015

- Added print button to single recipe page.
- Added fractional frontend display of ingredient and nutritional value amounts to single recipe page.
- Fixed My Account -> My recipes pagination 404 error in BuddyPress member profiles.
- Added category count/number limit to category list widget.
- Added script to equalize heights of recipes and posts in card list mode.
- Removed var_dump code from login screen when error is encountered.
- Added feature to email admin when recipe is submitted from frontend.
- Added dynamic sidebar selection to all custom pages. When a page is created or updated, user can select placement of sidebars to be shown on said page.
- Fixed bug where apostrophe ' submitted from front end turned into ' escaped apostrophe.
- Updated code so that only super admins can mark users as featured.
- Added SSL support fix for page-user-login.php.
- Users can now save recipes as draft even when admin has marked recipes to be published immediatelly upon submission
- Fixed home page intro widget so it shows different message to users when they are logged in as opposed to when they are logged out.
- Added recipe count to buddypress member profile menu.
- Added option to set sidebar position for all woocommerce pages.
- Added WooCommerce support
- Added 1566 Premium vector icons
- Rewritten RTL stylesheet
- Resolved several css issues
- Updated SampleData
- Updated Documentation

The following two fixes are in relation to the following post:
- Properly escaped add_query_arg calls with esc_url and esc_url_raw (fixes possible vulnerability)
- Upgraded TGM-Plugin-Activation to 2.4.1 to properly escape add_query_arg (fixes possible vulnerability)

v1.11: 22 January 2015

- Fixed front end submit autosuggest for ingredients and nutritional info broken after last upgrade.
- Fixed so that favorited recipes shows up in My favorite recipes even when user is not author of same.
- Fixed call to action link on home page.
- Several small css issues fixed.

v1.1: 15 January 2015

- Added compatibility for our recipes and blog posts.
- Added "Add to favorites" and "Remove from favorites" feature when BuddyPress is used.
- Added "My recipes" and "My favorites" feature in buddypress user dashboard (frontend).
- Added decimals for ingredient amounts.
- Fixed issue with recipe front-end submit not working if "immediate publish" is disabled.
- Translation for "Back to top" was missing in two templates. Fixed.
- Capitalized difficulty name when displayed in single-recipe.php
- Fixed bbpress breadcrumbs home link.
- Intro image height fix.
- Fixed More recipes link on home not going anywhere when Theme option is properly set.
- Switched recipe instructions and ingredients in mobile/tablet view, so that now ingredients show up first
- Improved print output for single recipe

Official release: 13 December 2014



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