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Jobseek WordPress Theme is a complete solution for recruiting agencies and human resources. It’s a perfect website to offer your clients career evolving, new projects for freelancers or just great chances of employment. Jobseek is loaded with options, both for recruiter and for candidates. Recruiters and companies can post, edit and manage job offers and company profiles and candidates can do the same things with their resumes.

Jobseek includes premium plugins from CodeCanyon worth of $70.

Built for WP Job Manager

Job board functionality is based on free WP Job Manager plugin. It’s a lightweight plugin for adding job-board functionality to your WordPress site. Shortcodes allow you to easily output individual jobs in various formats, lists of jobs, a job submission form and even an employer dashboard which logged in users can use to view, edit and delete their job listings.

A Familiar Admin UI

The admin UI lists jobs in an organised fashion listing useful job and company information and access to actions such as edit, mark filled, and delete. It also provides search and filter functionality. Any user familiar with WordPress will find this instantly recognisable and easy to use.

Filterable Job Listings

The jobs shortcode outputs your jobs in list format, proceeded by a search and filter form. This form is ajax powered so results are shown instantly. Filter by category, job type, keywords and location. Searches also display an RSS link which allow job seekers to subscribe a feed containing new jobs matching their search.

Frontend Job / Resume Submission

Allow employers to list jobs on your site from the frontend. The forms allow employers to input job details, including job description and location, and also add details about their company. Each listing can be assigned an email address or a website which job seekers can use to apply to the job. Employers can preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live job listing. After preview, the employer can submit the listing (for approval) or edit it further.

Single Job / Resume Listings

Single job listings show the job description, meta data, and company information in a clean format. The location can link through to a google map, and the company box can show the company tagline, twitter and website link. An apply button is shown beneath the listing and can be pressed to reveal either the application email address or website URL.

WooCommerce Paid Listings

Paid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce. Create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. Requires the WooCommerce plugin.


Allow logged in candidates and employers to bookmark jobs and resumes along with an added note.

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Included Plugins

Theme functionality is based on several plugins. Some of them are required (all required plugins are free), other plugins are recommended and can be paid.

Paid plugins

Below is the list of optional paid addons (not included in theme package) that you can use to fully replicate our demo functionality. The total cost of all addons is $125 for core add-on bundle (all listed below are included in this bundle, so you can save a lot of money) which includes 13 official addons, $32 for Job Manager Geolocation, and $18 for Resume Manager Geolocation.

Changelog and updates

1.8.7 – June 28, 2016

  • job preview screen improved
  • header.php file cleaned up
  • bundled plugins updated

1.8.5 – June 28, 2016

  • login redirects fixed
  • mobile menu button vertical alignment fixed
  • load more resumes button style fixed
  • mobile login/register window fixed
  • logo replacement option improved
  • km/miles option fixed
  • other minor fixes and improvememtns

1.8 – May 31, 2016

  • Minor CSS fixes and improvements
  • Preview screen improved
  • Global map scrollwheel option added
  • Login/register window responsive improved

1.7.4 – April 15, 2016

  • Bundles plugins update (Visual Composer and Slider Revolution), VC wordpress 4.5 issue fixed with update
  • Footer always stick to bottom

1.7.2 – March 30, 2016

  • Known bugs fixed
  • Visual improvements
  • Demo file updated
  • Plugins updated

1.7 – February 19, 2016

  • Geolocation element parameters fixed
  • Visual improvements
  • Translation file supdated
  • Demo file updated
  • Company logo fixed
  • Plugins updated

1.6 – December 31, 2015

  • Indeed addon integration added
  • Predefined regions addon integration added
  • SSL Google Fonts issues fixed
  • added option to customize typography with Google Fonts
  • plugins updated
  • bug and CSS fixes and improvements

1.5.8 – December 3, 2015

  • Minor bug fixes

1.5.3 – November 26, 2015

  • Bug fixed (theme may not work if no Application addon installed)
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Slider Revolution updated

1.5 – November 26, 2015

  • Fully redesigned job and resume lists
  • Salary field added
  • Demo data updated
  • 3 level menu added
  • A lot of CSS fixes and improvements
  • Now compatible with the latest versions of geolocation addons
  • Bug fixes

1.4.5 – November 11, 2015

  • Header background color option added
  • Archives for jobs category / tag / type taxonomies and resume category / skill taxonomies added
  • Sidebar page templates added, testimonials archive sidebar added
  • Bundled plugins updated
  • Documentation improved
  • Other fixes and improvements

1.4 – October 23, 2015

  • Resume Manager Geolocation support added
  • Visul Composer elements improved
  • Demo data import improved
  • Demo data file updated
  • Plugins updated
  • CSS fixes and improvements

1.3 – October 16, 2015

  • jobs dashboard page fixed (icons)
  • job manager widgets styling added
  • user nav links (login/register/dashboard/logout) color option to added customizer
  • option to disable loader icon added
  • IE Geolocation map fixed
  • jobs pagination style fixed
  • category job filter style fixed when single select option set
  • small customizer fixes

1.2.8 – October 14, 2015

  • job summary element fixed
  • blog avatar fixed
  • blog comments counter improved
  • other small changes and improvements

1.2.3 – October 9, 2015

  • apply for a job form fixed on mobile
  • job geolocation filter fields fixed for mobile
  • geolocation map height fixed for mobile

1.2 – October 8, 2015

  • lot of small bug fixes and improvements

1.1 – September 17, 2015

  • bug fixes
  • visual improvements
  • companies and single company pages added
  • customizer colors problem solved
  • dummy data import file updated
  • slider recreated and import file updated
  • documentation updated



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